Mould Cleaning

Are you starting to see Mould around your house or place of work?

Mould spores are invisible to the naked eye when they land on wet areas like window seals, bathrooms and where ever it has condensation they start to grow then it starts to form color. Luckly not all moulds are toxic. due to the very high rain in sydney in last couple months everything was constantly wet that’s why we seeing a lot more mould around us like green and black mould on our driveways, walkways and pool areas. In our homes white, black and purple mould

Luckly at OPTIMUM CLEANING COMPANY our technicians are qualified MMRT (MASTER MOULD REMEDIATION TECHNICIANS) our knowledge and safety for our customers we will identify the problem we just don’t clean it. we will kill it. For your peace of mind. Doesn’t matter if it's on your walls, carpet, upholstery or driveway. We will fix your mould problem with MOULD FIX.


Same day service (mould removal techniques are both fast and effective)

Remediation (after treating the affected areas with MOULD FIX. We have to eliminate the harmful invisible to the eye Mycotoxins caused by the mould spores with MOULD FIX MIST)

MOULD FIX is completely eco-friendly and pet-friendly.

Its time to get your house and work place clean by OPTIMUM CLEANING COMPANY


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