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General Terms of Use
All our services include call out charges.

· Free quotes are provided only over the call. If the customer requests us to be physically present at the property for the exact quotations, there is pay a minimum call out fee. If the customer goes ahead with the quote call out fee will be reduced from the original price or if we are in the area of the customer's request call out fee will be reduced by 50%

· All complaints will be investigated and a resolution will be made to the satisfaction of the customer or a standard we deem reasonable.

· The customer must agree to allow a re-clean or an inspection of any work deemed unsatisfactory before he/she arranges third party to conduct services.

· Optimum Cleaning company request only till 48 hours after the completion services. After 48 hours, no complaints.

· In case, we find the item(s) more damaged or there is any additional work to be done, extra charges shall be applied.

· The customer has to allow technicians to take before and after photos of the items cleaned.

· We do not provide any shrinkage guarantee.

· The prices quoted for upholstery, mattress, curtains, carpets and tiles cleaning at the time of booking may differ to those from final quotations. Final quotations will be given at the time of inspection. Due to size and set up

· The customer has to organize the parking for the operator’s vehicle. Also, the cost of the parking shall be added to the invoice.

· The team of technicians shall be provided with running water and electricity at the property.

· do not provide 100% stain removal guarantee, though we try our best to remove the stains completely.

· Complete stain removal depends on the type of stains, the age of the stain, and fabric type of Item(s).

· There are some stubborn kinds of stains such as bleach stains, ammonia stains, acid stains, grease stains, dyes, and high-alkaline solution, that leave permanent marks on your item(s). Thus, we do not deliver guaranteed services on 100% stain removal.

· In case of items already been sun damaged/discolored, they can only be cleaned, no guarantee for stain restoration shall be provided.

· However, no guarantee does not mean, the stains will not be removed even a bit, but we will try our best to restore your item(s).

· Before starting the stain removal treatment, we need to know what treatments and attempts that have been tried onto the stains.

· In the events, stains being too old and stubborn and we are not able to clean them completely, we will discuss the scenario with the homeowners. Only after their approval, we will proceed with the process to lighten the stains to make them least noticeable.

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