Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Sealing

Vinyl floors started to get introduced in the 1940s. Vinyl flooring has improved over the years of research and high demand on commercial industry. Hospitals, childcares, schools, medical centers, office spaces. It's cheap easy to install and looks amazing.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Sealing
Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Sealing at Optimum Cleaning

The Negative of having vinyl

• It's not ecofriendly (very difficult to recycle)

• Can emit volatile organic compounds (VOC)

• It can't be repaired.

• Difficult and very costly to remove, due to adhesive used during installation.

• Gets very dirty and dull if not maintained.

At OPTIMUM CLEANING COMPANY we have experience over 15 years of vinyl floor cleaning and resealing.

Due all of the negatives of having a vinyl flooring we are here to save you time and money by cleaning and resealing vinyl flooring so we can give you longevity. So, in the long run you don’t have to pay the costly process to remove and reinstall.
Our method of cleaning has a clean and re-capture process so we don’t leave a mess behind.
We can operate during work hours or after hours whatever makes your life easier.
Our sealing process gives the shine back to your vinyl that will make you say wow.

Its time to get your Vinyl Floor Cleaning and Sealing by OPTIMUM CLEANING COMPANY


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